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How to Manage Redundancies in the Workplace

Businesses across the world are suffering the effects of the coronavirus crisis, and for many business owners and managers there may come the difficult decision to make redundancies in order to keep the business afloat. It’s crucial that the redundancy process is followed carefully and properly, and not just sped through in order to quickly regain some form of normality. Redundancies in the workplace can cause uncertainty for both the staff and the business itself, and so it’s important to...

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Top Tips for Returning to Work

For many, lockdown has presented a complete change of lifestyle, including working from home or not working at all. As the country tries to get back on its feet, many businesses are trying to get back to some sort of normality. This means offices reopening and other places of work beginning to plan for staff to come back. Returning to work can feel like a daunting prospect, with worries of whether it’s safe to do so and what new measures...

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Finding the Right Support Staff

Personal assistants, household managers, valets and butlers can all be a blessing when you are running a busy household and potentially juggling work too. Having private support staff in place can help you maintain a happy home while you concentrate on family time or running a business. Inviting an employee into your home can feel a little daunting. It’s important to find a trusted individual who can understand and adapt to the dynamics of the family. With Attic Recruitment, you...

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3 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant

In the current climate, most of us have been working from home for some time now and have become accustomed to being a remote member of staff. Workplaces may well never go back to the traditional office environment as they were before, with more flexibility and remote working as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. We are now familiar with video call technology, setting up virtual meetings and finding that perfect spot in the house to make into an office...

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What to Look for When Hiring Private Household Staff

Recruiting private household staff can be a daunting prospect. From family PAs to butlers and valets, it’s key that you trust your private household staff to ensure a happy home that is run effectively. At Attic Recruitment, we work on a broad variety of roles within this sector, including private household and private family offices. If you’re looking for the right candidate, here are some things you should consider during the recruitment process. What duties has your candidate previously covered?...

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Top Tips for Video Interviews

As lockdown continues to ease, many businesses are still working remotely in order to keep staff safe. If you are seeking new employment, it is more than likely that your prospective employer will conduct your interview via video conferencing. Whether you have experienced this before or not, it can be a little daunting putting your faith in technology for your first meeting with someone. It can be helpful to remind yourself of video meeting etiquette before your interview, and ensure...

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Attic are great people to work with, they were very sensitive to our needs and able to find exactly the right person for our team now, and for our future ambitions. I recommend them to any ‘creative business’ and for anyone who needs intelligent and talented staff.

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