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Put yourself in the shoes of the interviewer – what do they want to see/hear?

As well as having a good interviewing technique (eye contact, strong handshake, being articulate and concise etc), it is essential that the actual content of your conversation is appealing for an interviewer. Obviously this varies to a certain extent from job to job which is why it is important to do as much background research as possible into the person you are meeting and what they are looking for from a candidate. Here are just a few examples of the...

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What impression are you making for your Company?

Top 3 common interview styles – please try to avoid them: The Unprepared  Flying between meetings, not had a chance to read the CV, pressed for time so condense everything into ten minutes… Think how this reflects on your brand as a company and you as an individual Is ten minutes really long enough to get the most from the meeting? Yes, gut feeling is important and plays a part but bear in mind that it is a candidate market...

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Our thoughts on how to nail an Interview

Never go to an interview without having done your research on the company and the job spec… DUH (!) but you know that. J Here are a couple of points that we came up with that should help ease the stress of preparing for an interview. Knowing your CV inside out is a no brainer. If you don’t… I would be worried! Try and anticipate any questions that could be asked, maybe prepare some competency based questions (if you Google,...

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Top interview tips for the novice interviewer

Think about the role you are hiring for in detail - what skills and experience do you need, what is essential, what can be learned, what would be a bonus to have. If you are working with a recruiter then this is an essential part of their service. Feel comfortable that the top three skills you need, the candidate either has or you feel confident can learn. List the top three key attributes and qualities the person needs to demonstrate...

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Ironing boards are surf boards that gave up on their dreams and got a boring job

Don’t be an ironing board!!! What in the world is she talking about, I hear you say...? Whilst it is important to not confuse having a career with having a life and we should all be mindful to not let our careers define us, it is also important to acknowledge that our careers are wonderful, 'mystical' avenues that allow us the opportunity to pursue meaningful work and provide us with a sense of purpose and freedom to do magical things....

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The first hire an Entrepreneur should make

Building a business is a challenging and exciting time and all too often entrepreneurs get focused on the administration aspects of building a business. Costs are a major issue at the beginning but get some support as soon as you can to enable you to focus on the areas you excel in. Even if this means getting a regular temp to sort out the backlog twice a week, you will be glad you made the investment. Over time the role...

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Attic are great people to work with, they were very sensitive to our needs and able to find exactly the right person for our team now, and for our future ambitions. I recommend them to any ‘creative business’ and for anyone who needs intelligent and talented staff.

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