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3 Hiring Resolutions for the New Year 

  As much as we would all love the Holiday Season to last forever, a New Year soon rolls around. With 2020 behind us, as a company you may be considering some resolutions to kick start 2021. An overhaul of your recruitment efforts may be just what you need. With so many talented individuals seeking work, now is a better time than ever to adjust your outlook on recruitment. At Attic we specialise in getting recruitment right for all our clients. Our boutique, personalised service can be catered to your...

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Top Tips to Recruit The Best Temporary Staff 

  Hiring temporary staff is a great way to quickly plug immediate gaps in your staffing or deal with a backlog of work. Companies from all industries seek the help of temporary staff for several reasons and by hiring a temp you are gaining access to a set of new skills. These could be beneficial for your permanent team by increasing productivity, whilst keeping costs down. Below we have outlined a set of top tips to help you recruit the best temporary staff.    Why Do You Require A Temp? The first step to take is...

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How to Promote Digital Wellness for Remote Workers

Some people believe that working remotely is the easy option, and in some ways it can be; less travel, less time spent away from the home and often, the ability to be more flexible with the hours. However, it does come at a price. Unfortunately, digital wellness can be harder to achieve when you’re remote working. In fact, the ongoing pandemic is playing havoc with the mental health of many, and the effect of less face to face contact certainly...

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5 Tips on How to Deal with a Second Lockdown

During the first lockdown, we all got used to working from home where possible, and for many people it was great. Not having to leave the house in a rush in the morning, sit in queues of traffic or struggle to find a parking space were all benefits that many of us quite enjoyed. Then, as cases began to ease we were advised it was safe to return to working in the office as long as the appropriate measures were...

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5 Ways to Keep Your Job and Get Ahead

Today’s business landscape is a challenging one, with the ongoing pandemic taking its toll on businesses across a number of different industries. It’s important to try and stay proactive within your current role and offer as much as you can, both to help drive the business through this difficult time as well as promoting how valuable you are as an employee. If you’re worried about the impact of the current situation, here are some top tips to keep developing your...

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Email Etiquette

We thought it would be a good opportunity to say a few words about email etiquette. Here are some top tips on how to manage emails and although they may seem blatantly obvious… you would be surprised how some of these rules can go out of the window when we are under pressure. We all do it and you are certainly not alone, so be this a lesson to us all. Double / triple check Now that most of our...

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I have a huge amount of confidence in the team at Attic – they have taken a lot of time and trouble to understand the culture and nuances of our business and it shows. I will keep asking them to support us because I know they will deliver a great result – quickly and with style.

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