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How to Support Your Employees’ Mental Health Remotely

As companies continue to work remotely during this difficult and strange time, it’s easy to feel disconnected and out of sync with each other if you are all working from home for the first time. For many of you, you will have been working at home for two months with only digital contact with your colleagues. Coupled with schools closing, there is no doubt that this has been a testing time for many employees. For these reasons, mental health and...

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How to Stay Motivated When Working From Home

It is a difficult time for both businesses and individuals as we learn to adapt to the current situation. As many people are now working from home permanently for the first time, it can take a bit of adjusting before getting into a rhythm with it and finding your routine! At Attic Recruitment we are all now working remotely and keeping in touch with you all through the wonderful world of technology. If you’re in the same boat and are...

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Working From Home – Attic Style

Attic HQ in Oxford Circus is currently shut- we have all set up remotely and our amazing Office Manager, Flo is acting as the main receptionist, managing all your calls and enquires from her house, the Old Post Office near Oxford. Everyone is in the same boat and we need to keep morals up high during these very scary and strange times. Day 1 was a bit of novelty learning to work from home. Day 2 we were in our...

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Finding the Right Temporary Staff

Temporary staff are the perfect solution when your teams need some extra support. Hiring short-term staff means bringing in individuals who are able to adapt to a variety of environments, with specialised skills that can help elevate your business at a time when it is needed most. At Attic Recruitment, we understand that requests for temporary staff need to be met quickly. With that in mind, here we offer an insight into our temporary staff services and what advantages this...

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How to Improve Your Work Ethic in 2020

As January is now well underway, it can be a mixed bag of emotions as you head back to work after Christmas. Some of you may be very excited to be back in a routine and getting on with new projects, while others might feel a little deflated and demotivated. Whichever group you fall into, it’s key to understand just how important your work ethic is. Work ethic is the thing that keeps driving you forward, making sure you’re working...

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5 Ways to Tackle Imposter Syndrome in the Workplace

Have you ever felt like you shouldn’t be in the job you’re in? Do you feel under-qualified, and that you are worried your boss will one day find out? You might be suffering from something known as imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome is persistent disbelief that your success is deserved or that you are good enough to do the job you’re in. While it is not necessarily officially recognised as a disorder, it can be debilitating in the workplace and can...

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Attic are great people to work with, they were very sensitive to our needs and able to find exactly the right person for our team now, and for our future ambitions. I recommend them to any ‘creative business’ and for anyone who needs intelligent and talented staff.

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