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Top 5 Skills to Look for When Hiring an Office Manager

An office manager is a crucial asset in any office environment. Their efforts help maintain an efficient, organised workplace. Hiring the right person can mean the difference between a smoothly operating office and one that struggles with basic tasks. Here are the top five skills to look for when hiring your next office manager. Key Responsibilities Office managers are responsible for processes, procedures, documentation, communication, training, and administration. Their role requires a blend of soft and hard skills, so seek...

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New Year, New Job? 5 Steps To Take To Transform Your Career

If the trials and tribulations of 2023 have left you feeling in need of a change, and it’s mainly your job that’s bringing you down, 2024 could be the year you start something completely new, or take your career on a new path. The job market is teeming with vacancies, and January is a great time to take control of your career path and find the perfect place to start anew.  Here, we give you some great steps you could...

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10 tips for onboarding a new hire

Onboarding doesn't have to be a snoozefest and with many companies working in a hybrid model, making sure your new starters are onboarded well is vital. Create a Welcome Package: Put together a welcome package that includes a friendly note, a company guidebook, and maybe a coffee voucher for their first day – because caffeine is the universal language of workplaces. Prepare the Workspace: Ensure their workspace is set up with all the essentials – computer, phone, and a not-so-confusing...

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How Temporary Staff Can Assist With End Of Year Workload 

December can be a very busy time of year for businesses across the UK. With the country getting ready to log off for the festive period, many companies are tasked with completing their workload before the Christmas holidays begin. This can sometimes be a stressful and tricky time to navigate, as for a lot of companies many things need to be wrapped up before the new year. The ideal solution to help your team complete their workload is to hire...

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How to tell if your PA is looking for a new job?

Detecting when an employee is considering new job opportunities can be a delicate task, as individuals often prefer to keep their job search confidential. It's important to approach this with sensitivity and an understanding that these signs are not definitive proof. Personal circumstances can differ, and behaviours might have alternative explanations so it is important not to jump to any rash conclusions. If you have that gut feeling that somethings off, here’s some behaviours to look out for: Change in...

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What is the role of an Executive Assistant?

An Executive Assistant (EA) is a vital member of any organisation. They are the superhero behind the scenes for top-level managers. They make sure everything runs smoothly for their boss enabling them to achieve their goals and company initiatives. This is usually supporting a senior board level individual such as a CEO, Director or Senior Manager. Executive Assistant responsibilities & duties include: Calendar Juggler: Manage the executive's calendar like a pro. Coordinate meetings, appointments and events, making sure everything runs...

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I have a huge amount of confidence in the team at Attic – they have taken a lot of time and trouble to understand the culture and nuances of our business and it shows. I will keep asking them to support us because I know they will deliver a great result – quickly and with style.

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