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What is the role of an Executive Assistant?

An Executive Assistant (EA) is a vital member of any organisation. They are the superhero behind the scenes for top-level managers. They make sure everything runs smoothly for their boss enabling them to achieve their goals and company initiatives. This is usually supporting a senior board level individual such as a CEO, Director or Senior Manager. Executive Assistant responsibilities & duties include: Calendar Juggler: Manage the executive's calendar like a pro. Coordinate meetings, appointments and events, making sure everything runs...

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When Is The Right Time To Search For A New Job?

Are you thinking of a change in job? Many people leave their current roles and move on to something that aligns more with their goals and ambitions. Moving on to a new job can open up new opportunities for you, and push you into the next stage of your career! If you’re currently thinking about what's next for you, then you’ve definitely asked the question: when is the right time for this leap? Here at Attic Recruitment, we can help...

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How To Know When It’s Time For Your Next Role

During your career, there will come a time when you may find yourself standing at a crossroads. You’ll be asking yourself questions about the direction of your career and what you’re planning to do next. Could it be time for a change? Or should you stay put? We understand that these questions can be difficult, and a decision can be hard to come to. In this blog post, we will be discussing the tell-tale signs that it may be time...

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How To Improve Your Team’s Communication In A Remote Workplace 

Working in a completely remote company has both its pros and cons. You get the flexibility and freedom of working from home, allowing you to have a much better work/life balance, but there can also be some issues with this. One of the main concerns is communication. Essential for any workplace, good communication allows for things to run smoothly. When there is miscommunication, this can lead to people becoming upset and frustrated, which is not what you want for your...

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The Benefits Of Fixed Term Contract Roles 

Whether you’re just starting out in your career, or you’ve been thinking about making a change for some time now, we’re here to help you. If you’re feeling like you’re arrived at a crossroads in your career journey, and you’re not sure where to go from here, have you considered working temporary jobs? Temporary jobs are a great way to find out what kind of work you like or perhaps don’t like doing, allowing you to learn and grow without...

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Attic Recruitment – London’s Top Recruitment Agencies

The team here at Attic are absolutely delighted to be voted one of London’s Top Recruitment Agencies by Wunderlist London. Having spent over two decades building our repertoire of clients and candidates, it is certainly a momentous feeling to be recognised for our recruitment work across London.  We pride ourselves on our tailored and personalised experience, we put both our clients and candidates at the forefront of everything we do, and it sounds cliché, but we genuinely care about every...

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“I reached out to Attic to support with finding a PA and they were the most efficient agency I connected with. Kirsty followed up daily, and the way in which she managed the application/interview process was super-efficient and convenient. The overall process took 2-3 weeks and I found someone perfect for the job”