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How to reset your career goals

A career objective could be your ultimate professional aim, such as your ideal role, as well as a certain goal you wish to achieve while at your current job, like completing a specific course. Continue reading to find out more about what you can do in order to reset your career objectives. Rethink your priorities and values If you’re looking for a real change concerning your position, it’s highly important to reconsider your dreams on a regular basis. This will...

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How to stand out on LinkedIn

If you’re new to LinkedIn or you simply haven’t been that active on the platform and interested in how it works, it might be a good idea to read about how you can make your profile stand out. This will be particularly useful when looking for a job, but also to grow an audience and interact with other professionals. You can challenge yourself, your mindset, and your work habits when you read about what other people do and how they...

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I have a huge amount of confidence in the team at Attic – they have taken a lot of time and trouble to understand the culture and nuances of our business and it shows. I will keep asking them to support us because I know they will deliver a great result – quickly and with style.

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