Top 5 Skills to Look for When Hiring an Office Manager

An office manager is a crucial asset in any office environment. Their efforts help maintain an efficient, organised workplace. Hiring the right person can mean the difference between a smoothly operating office and one that struggles with basic tasks.

Here are the top five skills to look for when hiring your next office manager.

Key Responsibilities
Office managers are responsible for processes, procedures, documentation, communication, training, and administration. Their role requires a blend of soft and hard skills, so seek candidates who demonstrate a wide range of competencies, strengths, and abilities.

1. Organisational Skills
The daily operations of an office involve a multitude of tasks: maintaining a clean space, managing inventory, scheduling meetings, and leveraging technology effectively. A strong office manager demonstrates exceptional organisational skills. This includes creating to-do lists, taking inventory, and proactive planning to avoid stockouts. Additionally, proficiency in goal setting, prioritisation, project planning, and decision-making is crucial.

2. Communication Skills
The office manager acts as the central communication point, liaising between employees, managers, clients, and vendors. Excellent written and verbal communication is essential for conveying information clearly to diverse audiences. They should be adept at explaining complex issues and fostering collaboration across different teams. A friendly and approachable demeanour is a plus, as office managers play a role in maintaining positive company morale.

3. Problem-Solving Skills
Inevitably, things go wrong. A great office manager can think critically, analyse situations, and develop solutions to overcome obstacles. This requires critical thinking, creativity, resourcefulness, and the ability to make sound decisions under pressure. They should also be adaptable and resilient, able to adjust to changing circumstances and find alternative solutions when necessary.

4. Multitasking Skills
Flexibility is crucial in an office environment. As daily operations shift, an office manager must be comfortable multitasking, which involves delegating tasks and managing time effectively. The ideal candidate should excel at prioritising, delegating, and quickly switching between tasks.

5. Technical Skills
Today’s offices rely heavily on technology. From productivity tools to scheduling software, proficiency in various programs is a must. An ideal candidate should be comfortable learning new technologies and adapting to an evolving tech landscape.

Find Your Perfect Match
By prioritising these skills and seeking a candidate who aligns with your company culture, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect office manager. This valuable asset will ensure your office runs smoothly, allowing you and your team to focus on what matters most – achieving your goals.

If you need any more help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would be happy to help you find the perfect office manager for your requirements.

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