What is the role of an Executive Assistant?

An Executive Assistant (EA) is a vital member of any organisation. They are the superhero behind the scenes for top-level managers. They make sure everything runs smoothly for their boss enabling them to achieve their goals and company initiatives. This is usually supporting a senior board level individual such as a CEO, Director or Senior Manager.

Executive Assistant responsibilities & duties include:

Calendar Juggler: Manage the executive’s calendar like a pro. Coordinate meetings, appointments and events, making sure everything runs smoother than a perfectly brewed cup of coffee.

Communication Guru: Translating the executive’s cryptic emails into plain English and perfecting the art of deciphering voicemails sharing core messages with the wider business or other stakeholders.

Travel Ninja: Navigating the complex world of flight delays, hotel reservations, and rental cars to ensure the executive’s business trips are as pain free as possible.

Document Diva: Organising files so efficiently that even Marie Kondo would be proud. The EA brings order to chaos and takes charge of all the documentation.

Meeting Maestro: Managing CEO’s meetings is like orchestrating a high-stakes concert. You’re the conductor, setting the agenda, the rhythm, harmonizing participant schedules, and ensuring everyone hits the right notes. From tech hiccups to confidential crescendos, you’re the maestro, turning potential anarchy into a symphony of productivity.

Gatekeeping Gladiator: Fiercely guarding the executive’s time ensuring an undisturbed focus for the boss, permitting only the most pertinent matters to breach the sanctified gates.

Research Wizard: Channel your inner detective! Conduct thorough research on market trends, potential clients, and industry developments. Summarise findings into actionable insights that will be the secret ingredient for informed decision-making.

Problem-Solving Prodigy: Embrace challenges. Tackle issues with a can-do attitude, utilising your resourcefulness to overcome obstacles and keep the workflow on track.

Project Coordinator Extraordinaire: Step into the role of project quarterback. Collaborate with cross-functional teams, track project timelines and ensure deliverables are met with finesse.

Confidentiality Connoisseur: Embrace the role of a trusted vault, keeping secrets tighter than a jar of pickles. Safeguard sensitive information with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. Be the silent protector, ensuring that confidential documents, discussions and matters remain securely locked away from prying eyes.

Key skills you should look for when hiring for the role of an executive assistant:

  • Great Communication skills: The kind that makes you want to pick up the phone rather than send an email.
  • Organised: Someone who can handle a to-do list that’s longer than a CVS receipt and still keep a smile on their face.
  • Professional People Person: The ability to communicate and work with all levels within an organisation. They can charm the pants off a cactus and build relationships that make your professional life smoother.
  • Cool as a Cucumber: Handles stress like a zen master; deadlines and pressure don’t ruffle their feathers, especially when working with executives that can be demanding and running a tight ship at times.
  • Eagle Eyes for Detail: Noticing the little things that others might miss – typos, scheduling conflicts, you name it.
  • Tech Guru: Not afraid to tackle the tech jungle, from scheduling software to mastering spreadsheets and everything in between. We would recommend all EAs to be proficient in the full suite of Microsoft Office and Teams.
  • Adaptable: Flexibility is key; they should be able to pivot like a pro when plans inevitably go haywire.
  • Go-Getter Attitude: Taking initiative is their middle name. They see a problem, they fix it. Simple as that. They don’t wait for instructions; they’re already two steps ahead, making your life easier without you even asking.

Looking to hire an executive assistant? Attic can help you! If you’re an employer looking for your next EA, complete our brief here and one of our experienced permanent consultants will be in touch. The goal is to find someone not just qualified on paper but someone who can rock the role and maybe even bring a little extra magic to the table.

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