Top Tips for Job Hunting this New Year

Make sure you are making the right decision

Don’t make a rash decision. Are you stepping down from your position after a long period of careful consideration?  Or is it a sudden urge to leave due to a case of serious January blues. Remember that a change of career is a life changing decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.


Ask yourself some important questions

Why is your current role unfulfilling? Are you unhappy with your salary? Do you feel under-appreciated? Are you interested in a new sector? These are all important questions to ask yourself before you start your job hunt. They are also crucial when it comes to the interview process when employers ask you why you want to leave your current role.



So you have come to a verdict on what your new dream job will entail; the sector, the salary, the position, the environment. However you need to consider two important factors. Firstly, do you have enough experience to apply for the type of role you are looking for? Secondly, are there many of the roles you are looking for being advertised? Browsing job boards online and looking at job specifications will help with this.


Start your search

Recruitment agencies are great places to begin your search. They can give you advice concerning the roles you have applied for and whether or not they think you are suited to them. They can also tell you what they think of your CV and suggest room for improvement.


Also apply for as many roles as possible that spark your interest.  Every job interview is an opportunity as we discussed in our previous blog post which you can read here:


We hope these tips have been useful, happy job hunting everyone!

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