How To Improve Your Team’s Communication In A Remote Workplace 

Working in a completely remote company has both its pros and cons. You get the flexibility and freedom of working from home, allowing you to have a much better work/life balance, but there can also be some issues with this. One of the main concerns is communication. Essential for any workplace, good communication allows for things to run smoothly. When there is miscommunication, this can lead to people becoming upset and frustrated, which is not what you want for your team. 


Here are a few ways you can establish better communication within your remote team, and help keep everyone happy and on track.

Regular morning meetings 

One of the best ways to maintain good communication and assist your team is through daily or weekly morning meetings. If you have a small team, setting up a short call to discuss the agenda for the day can help your team feel more involved, and it sets expectations for the day ahead. If this is too much, then weekly calls at the start of the week can have the same effect.


Communicating face-to-face with your team over video calls can help keep everybody on track and up to date. 

Download a company-wide instant messaging platform

Instant messaging platforms such as Slack or Microsoft Teams are a great way to help your team communicate quickly and easily. If you haven’t already, ensure your team download one of these tools to help maintain proper communication. 


This reduces the need to constantly email your coworkers, as all you will have to do is simply send a quick message to get the answer to your questions. This allows members of your team to talk casually with each other too, encouraging a good coworking relationship. 

Use collaborative document sharing tools 

Tools such as Google Drive are great for collaborating on shared work with your team. Tools like these make it easier to work on the same document, as it’s all updated and saved live. You can add notes and communicate effectively on other people’s work, ensuring that the work is completed the correct way. 

Set clear expectations 

Another important way to improve communication is to set clear expectations in your daily/weekly/monthly meetings. This way, nobody gets confused and everyone is kept up to date with what’s expected of them. This makes it easier for your team to manage their workload and ensures deadlines are met. 


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