How to fund your gap year in London

For those of you who are considering choosing London for your gap year destination but are worried about the financial implications, then this article is for you!


Why chose London for your gap year?

London really is one of the most exciting cities in the world. I’ve lived here all my life and am always finding new exciting activities to do, new places to explore, to drink, to eat.


If you want a change of scene you can take a quick train to places like York, Edinburgh, or Bath or to the beautiful English countryside for some fresh air.


If you are here to explore Europe for the year this is the best place to do it. Whether you want to take a road trip and drive to France, fly to Prague for the weekend, take a week’s holiday and go to Greece, London is the best base to do so. There are extremely cheap flights on offer and some very cool hostels in the more expensive cities to be stayed at.


Also contrary to what some people may think London is a friendly place. There will be thousands of people doing what you are doing, and there are lots of tools out there for finding roommates and people who share the same interests as you.


How can you fund this?

We love meeting candidates from all over the world who are looking to live in London, and are looking for temporary work to fund their stay.Temporary work is a fantastic way to make the most of your year abroad.


It allows you to experience a plethora of different industries and roles which can build up to create an impressive CV. But it also permits you to travel in-between jobs. Another bonus is that these roles usually pay better than your average gap year job!


What will we need from you?

Someone who is smart, and flexible, who has a great attitude to work, some fantastic skills, and some solid office based experience.


At Attic we would love to hear from those of you planning your gap year in London. Give us a heads up before you arrive in London, and send your CV to

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