How to excel at interviewing as a Candidate


Make sure you are somewhere free from any background noise so that you can really focus on the conversation and the client can hear you clearly. Also make sure you are in an area with good signal if using your mobile, if not make sure you use a landline. Print your CV off in advance so you can refer to this if asked certain questions, also print off anything else that may help you e.g tips, your career highlights, any questions you would like to ask. It is sometimes hard to remember all the points you would like to cover in face to face interviews, so use this situation to your advantage – you can have it all in front of you in bullet points.


Make sure you are dressed smartly, treat this in the same way you would treat a face to face interviews. Make sure you are immaculate from head to toe, this will make you feel more professional and prepared and this will come across. Always do this in a quiet environment, ideally from home, make sure your family / housemates know you are interviewing so no-one is likely to come in mid interview to interrupt you. Ask your friend to do a practice Skype with you so they can make sure you are sat in the right position and your voice is clear etc.


Panel interviews can be quite intimidating but use this situation to your advantage, make sure you come across in a confident manner and maintain good eye contact with ALL interviewers. Make sure you do you research on each person before the interview so that you have a couple of good questions to ask each of the panel members that are relevant to their function within the business. A panel interview means you have killed a few birds with one stone so the interview process should be far quicker so look on the bright side!

Assessment Days / Group Interviews

Of course you need to make sure that people remember you but make sure it is for the right reasons. Make sure you interact well with other members of your group, everyone wants to employ a team player. Make sure you get your point across but let other people speak – listening is just as important as talking. Research as much as you can on the company beforehand as always.


Make sure you do as much research on the person you are meeting as you possibly can, see what is online, ask your recruiter what they know about the person and any previous feedback they have given on what they like and do not like. Make sure you give a firm handshake and maintain good eye contact throughout, always have a few good questions prepared for the end of the interview.

Lunch Interview

Of course you need to have excellent table manners. Look at the menu beforehand so that you know what you want to order then you won’t have to spend a long time searching for a dish rather than engaging with your interviewer – don’t choose anything too messy! Look the person up on Linkedin before arriving at the restaurant so that you know who you are looking for to avoid any awkward moments.

Preparation is key for all interviews so make sure you have done as much research on the company and key people as possible. Always arrive 5 to 10 minutes early and make sure you are immaculate – this is your one chance to sell yourself. Your CV was selected for good reason so be confident and highlight your strengths.

Written by Rosy Hastrop – Attic Recruitment Consultant

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