Top Tips to Recruit The Best Temporary Staff 


Hiring temporary staff is a great way to quickly plug immediate gaps in your staffing or deal with a backlog of work. Companies from all industries seek the help of temporary staff for several reasons and by hiring a temp you are gaining access to a set of new skills. These could be beneficial for your permanent team by increasing productivity, whilst keeping costs down. Below we have outlined a set of top tips to help you recruit the best temporary staff.  

 Why Do You Require A Temp?

  • The first step to take is to decide what it is you require from a temporary member of staff. What would their job role be, why do you require a temp, and for how long? It is important to have work lined up ready for them to do, so you get the most out of their time with you. Prepare a temporary job description which highlights the key requirements of the temporary position.  

 Working With Agencies

  • Choosing to work with a trusted agency will ensure you find the best fit for both you and the candidateHere at Attic Recruitment we take a personal approach to recruitment, understanding the requirements of our clients and candidates alike. As specialists in both temporary and permanent placements across London, we can offer you a boutique and professional service, tailored to your needs.   

 Making a Quick Decision

  • Assuming this role is urgently required, a temp can typically be found within several days. Be prepared to make a quick decision. This is important to ensure the process is as efficient and cost effective as possible for you. At Attic Recruitment we will work closely with you to ensure communication between yourselves and the candidates is as efficient and effective as possible.  


  • Once a decision has been made, it shouldn’t end there. Create an onboarding process to suit not only your company and the role, but a temporary team member. Typically, they will be required to learn quickly their roles and responsibilities. Therefore, onboarding is an essential part of establishing their role within the company. It will will ensure they feel like any other member of the team.

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Attic are great people to work with, they were very sensitive to our needs and able to find exactly the right person for our team now, and for our future ambitions. I recommend them to any ‘creative business’ and for anyone who needs intelligent and talented staff.

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