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This time it feels better, doesn’t it? It is only 4 weeks, everything crossed, we are all set up from home and frankly with the nights’ drawing in and the leaves on the floor who wants to go out anyway? Well, kind of…the 4th November was actually rammed everywhere, almost felt like Christmas eve with those anxious about a longer lockdown doing Christmas shopping and the rest of us well I am not sure why everyone else was out, but it actually all felt quite jolly! We are all still working from home in our satellite Attics all over London spanning north to south but speaking every day. Where are the jobs? They are trickling still, actually more like a small stream now so we really hope to be ringing you soon. We hope you are still enjoying our newsletter, let us know what you if you would like to see more of and please do let us know if things have changed for you.

Given that we are in lockdown and unable to see each other, we have started a lunch club via zoom. This week was cheese sandwiches and everyone was marked on their layering skills, cheese accompaniments and what their side of choice was.

How to look forward to the rest of 2020 when it feels like we are in a time warp:

Lots of change this week, new month, new rules, new lockdown. If like us, you are feeling a little bit lost after a whirlwind eight months where so much yet so little has happened and although the calendar says November it cannot possibly be when it was March yesterday. Here are our top tips to bring you back to reality, the present day, 2020 and the future…

• Update your CV; this might seem obvious and perhaps a little laborious but why not look at it in a different light and make it a therapeutic task. Re-writing your CV is an excellent time to think of all your achievements, talents, skills and everything you are capable of.

• New seasons are the perfect time for a fresh start; the perfect opportunity to re-set and really consider what you are looking for moving forward. This could be as simple as treating yourself to some fresh bed sheets for the winter months. Or looking at the bigger picture at what you want next. If you are looking for work maybe it is time to refresh the search a little. Think of your skills and how they can be transferrable and take the time to consider where you see yourself heading. The past few months have been tough and we know it can be very easy to often just click send on the apply button but a tailored cover letter or even a simple personalised note to the recruiter can really make all the difference.

• Put things in your calendar, this can be the most simple of things like a coffee zoom date with your team or friends, a birthday, a workout you have planned, a new series you have seen is coming out, when your food shopping is next arriving. This might sound silly but seeing something in black and white will concrete it in your mind and really give you something to look forward to.

• Make your weekends special and save your treats till then. We all know that last time round lockdown turned into Groundhog Day and we are determined not to let that happen again. Can’t go out for dinner? Order a meal kit from one of the many amazing restaurants online and become the chef yourself, list of some of the best here. Learn how to make that cocktail you always ask for at the bar. Enjoy a lie in and don’t feel guilty. Eat ALL of the cake.

• Stop thinking about what you cannot do and be grateful for the things we can do; early nights, the return of Strictly, walks in the park and kicking all the leaves, CHRISTMAS SANDWICHES back in Pret, woollen jumpers, fluffy socks and slippers. Maybe this month we might even take up that language we all planned to back in March.

We know this all seems pretty simple and perhaps even slightly menial tasks but having something to look forward to no matter how basic will really help your mindset over the next four weeks and remember we are here with you.


Brand Manager (Letting Agency) – £35K

Are you an experienced sales manager with a proven track record of lettings negotiations, managing a portfolio of properties and property onboarding? If so, we have a wonderful opportunity to join a small, driven, and engaging team at a pivotal time of growth for the business.

Graduate Analyst – £25K – £30K

A charismatic and hardworking graduate needed to join this rapidly growing finance media company in the city. This boutique and highly successful start-up are a team of dedicated professional and are in need of an ambitious individual looking for the ideal place to kick start their career in sales.

If you are looking for a new role, please update your CV now with a member of the Attic Team, we can then have you ready to go and fully updated for when roles come in. We need to know what industry you are wanting to go into, the type of role, salary expectations, notice period.

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