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Here we are again with our 6th ? newsletter; this was a new marketing form for us and it took a little while to get into our stride perhaps, but we are quite liking it now and think you are too 😊. However we have had a few asks for advice to go along with our whimsical words and pictures of Bob and cakes. Fair enough, we have also started posting top tips on our Instagram so please follow us – Atticrecruitment
To kick off our advice…here we go with our guide to zoom interviews.

As lockdown continues to ease, many businesses are still working remotely in order to keep staff safe. If you are seeking new employment, it is more than likely that your prospective employer will conduct your interview via video conferencing. Whether you have experienced this before or not, it can be a little daunting putting your faith in technology for your first meeting with someone.

It can be helpful to remind yourself of video meeting etiquette before your interview and ensure your environment is set up perfectly to avoid any hiccups.

Avoid sitting in front of a busy background
It’s important that the space behind you isn’t cluttered or busy, as it can be very distracting for your interviewer. Consider setting up your computer in front of a plain wall and avoid using any background effects; you want to wow them with your skills and personality, not special effects.

If you already have a home office, you are probably already good to go. However, if you don’t, look for a space in your home without too much décor. After all, the focus should be on you, not what is behind you!

Frame yourself
Before your scheduled interview, experiment with the angle of your camera and frame yourself accordingly. This is important because you don’t want to log on for your interview and then have to readjust your position while sitting in front of your interviewer.

Make sure you are positioned in the centre of the screen and that your face is at a straight angle. This ensures when you join the video call, you are set up already.

Talk to the camera
For many, sitting in a room talking to a screen can feel a little awkward. Treat the camera as you would a person; look straight into the camera and not elsewhere, as this can come across as though you are distracted. This is the equivalent of looking someone in the eye, which is very important when making a good first impression.

It’s also important not to stare at yourself when you or someone else is speaking; it’s more noticeable than you think! It is very tempting to look at yourself and check how you look and how you are presenting yourself, but try to avoid it as much as you can.

Be aware of lighting and sound
Make sure you’re sitting somewhere that has good light. Poor lighting can affect video quality, making it appear grainy. Consider sitting by a window or check beforehand to ensure any lamps in the room provide ample light.

Similarly, you may want to mute yourself when the interviewer is talking. Today’s video conferencing technology can pick up all sorts of noise in the background. If you live by a busy road or there are other people in the house, putting yourself on mute when you’re not talking can avoid any distracting background noise.

Guide to Zoom Interviews

An email from one of our lovely candidates who we recently placed…

Hi Sarah,

I couldn’t believe my luck when Kirsty told me that Tom wanted to hire me for the mat cover role of Business Development and Marketing Exec; exactly one week before I was due to fly to South Africa for my wedding on the 20th March! The best wedding gift ever 🙂

Here I was thinking that I’d start my new job on the 7th of April at Tom’s offices, having had a wonderful and relaxing honeymoon in the African bush. Ha! 2020 certainly had other plans (for us all!). Not only did we have to forego our honeymoon due to South Africa going into nationwide lockdown, but I very nearly didn’t make it home at all! My husband and I had to buy four flights in order to get home, and after many delays and cancellations, I finally found myself on an emergency evacuation BA flight (the very last one out of the country before lockdown commenced). My poor husband had to take an earlier flight home via Ethiopia and was told upon arrival in the UK that his luggage had done a disappearing act!

What kept me going was knowing that the status of my new job remained unchanged, and I was still due to start on the 7th of April, albeit remotely. This was an incredibly strange concept for me and I had no idea how it was all going to pan out, but alas, it worked out marvellously in the end! Tom asked if I had a laptop and if I’d be willing to use it as it for work purposes, so they installed a remote desktop app that allowed me to connect to the company interface, and voila! I was able to work remotely…

It is now July 27th and I’ve yet to meet my boss, which is truly bizarre as we get along so well and it feels like we have worked together for ages! I was surprised at how easy it was to start a new job working from home, and how quickly I got used to the “new norm”. Working remotely allowed my husband and I to get our first puppy, a sweet little pug puppy called Molly who I have had to train to be quiet when I am on work calls!

I have a newfound appreciation for remote working, not only for the cost-saving benefits of not having to commute to London every day but for my general health and wellbeing. I find I am more productive at home, as those two hours spent commuting are either spent logging extra hours or taking Molly for a walk along the river. My hope is that I will be able to work from home at least two days a week in future when we all go back to work.
I definitely hit the jackpot with Tom; they are a fantastic company to work for and are so appreciative for the work I do. Here’s hoping my contract will be extended 😉


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Top EA – Bahrain – £40-£60K + Benefits

Ever thought about Bahrain? We are looking for a top level EA to support a design guru. This role is highly demanding, simply due to the pace and speed of which things move, you have to be someone who enjoys networking, providing impeccable support and acting as someone’s right hand.

Property PA – £45K

One of our fabulous West End clients is looking for a new PA to support the CIO. To work in this high end company, you need to be unflappable, business savvy PA with a background in property or has previously worked within property and have the ability to connect with people.

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