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Coming to the end of the UK’s fourth week in lockdown, the weather has been amazing and those blue skies can make anyone smile.

With half the country manically busy and the other half furloughed or without work, we want to ensure that you are keeping busy, motivated and ready for when things become more stable.

Keeping Motivated

We have spoken to a lot of candidates who are spending their time learning or taking up new crafts / hobbies, whilst also getting themselves fit in front of the TV. We have collated some ideas for you to get stuck into for the next 3 weeks.

DUOLINGO: A fab language tool, its a 20 – 1h a day platform where you can learn a language. It can also be a great way to keep the brain exercised and sharp.
OPEN SESAME: Professional learning and a great way to keep motivated and productive during this time. Tip – Open Sesame is offering free training to remote or furloughed workers.
LUMINOSITY: Brain training, this is a quick way to test your mind and keep your concentration levels up by playing what seem very simple games.
PODCASTS: Obviously we can advise you 10,000 different podcasts but the Attic team always enjoy a good discussion on a random topic that none of us knew about before. There are also some amazing calming apps which help you keep your mental head space in check during times like these.

We hope that you enjoy some of these recommendations and please do not hesitate to come back to us with apps and programs that you like.

Mountain Pose

Stand with your feet together or hip-width apart. Ground down through the four corners of your feet. Roll your shoulders away from your ears, draw your shoulder blades down your back, and lift the corners of your mouth. Turn your palms facing the front of the room. Relax your jaw and unfurrow your brow. Breathe easy.

The benefits
It may seem like you’re, well, just standing there, which you are but actually this is really essential for all other poses. It promotes balance and directs your attention to the present moment.

The team have been keeping fit and active by completing their run 5K and donate 5K challenges. Have you done yours? Here are some photos of the team doing their bit for the NHS.

How to Catch a Mole by Marc Hamer

Sarah has just finished this book and loved it. A life-affirming book about the British countryside, the cycle of nature, solitude and contentment, through the prism of a brilliant new nature writer’s experience working as a traditional mole-catcher, and why he gave it up.

TV of the week – Quiz- ITV

The extraordinary and sensational story of how married couple Charles and Diana Ingram attempted an audacious heist on the quiz show `Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’, and how they were caught.

This is a great time for us to update all your details on our system. 
Do get in touch if your situation has changed regarding what you are now looking for, alternatively let us know if you are no longer looking and would like your details removed from the database by emailing

With this week having just marked the 50 year anniversary for Earth Day 2020.

This year it comes in the wake of COVID 19 and all the lockdowns which the world is facing, therefore impacting the globe. It has now resulted in cleaner air in many countries as people stay home and pollution levels drop. HURRAH, that is something to celebrate.

Have a great two weeks everyone