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As we all wait to see what will happen on the 2nd December, things do seem a bit stagnant this week. Will we move to tier 3 or is it 4 or carry on with semi-lockdown? Who knows and it is bloody hard to feel cheery or in any way festive. Groundhog Day again and we are all feeling it, whoever we are… BUT we have to try and keep some fun, some joy amidst the mayhem. Along with daily walks, yoga, whatever keeps you motivated we have another suggestion.

Last weekend Sarah found a weekend activity to lift everyone’s spirits! Pictionary! Yes really! It kept her family of four, ranging from 11 to 55, entertained for a good few hours! And actually before you think but I can’t draw, don’t worry as that is totally the best thing! In fact the more untalented you are in the art department, the more hilarious it is…During this pandemic we have to try and find lightheartedness somewhere and keep connecting with the small ways to feel good – this funny game can do just that. HAVE A GO.

Scroll to the bottom… have a guess some of the drawings from Sarah’s game, answers will be at the bottom of our next Newsletter. Whoever guesses them right first, gets a box of brownies or champagne – answers to


How to maximise your LinkedIn profile

Personalise your page; let your personality shine through, your name, your title, your education, and previous experience is the first thing that people are looking at when they see your profile. There is no harm showing off a little confidence. There is proof that users with a profile picture have 22 more views than members who do not. That picture gives your page personality and an insight to you. With regards to the picture, given it’s a professional platform, you must ensure that your picture isn’t of you getting drunk with your friends, or climbing a mountain and all your can see the outline of your figure against an amazing backdrop, make sure it’s a friendly passport styled photo of yourself. Future employers will look at this and that last thing you want is to be disqualified because you look like a hooligan.

Status updates are an easy way to keep in touch your network on the projects you’ve been working on and the industry topics you’re interested in, providing a snapshot into your professional life. By regularly sharing your opinions and things that interest you, such as an engaging video or article, you can really get in front of your network and become a voice within your industry / community but most importantly, it ensures that people know what you are up to. Please note on this, too much posting can be annoying for your followers, it’s a fine line but I think everyone knows someone who over shares on their profile.

Skills are something that a lot of people may not know are there but if you list more than five skills on your profile, you’re 27 times more likely to be discovered in searches by recruiters. By keeping your skills and endorsements up to date, recruiters and potential employers will get a great idea of how you work and how you would fit in with the role they’re hiring for.

Following companies that you are interested in, or influencers that inspire you will help you come across articles that you will find useful. We are not talking TikTok or Instagram influencers but people who inspire you in business, alternatively it could be that you follow the recruitment companies that you think could help you find your perfect career. We post our jobs LinkedIn so that our candidates can see what is on.

A lovely friend of Attic’s has started a new project called Snail Mail. Born out of the first UK lockdown – whose sole objective is to keep people connected through the lost art of handwritten postcards!

Each pack includes pre-stamped postcards and Snail Mail pens to enable safe and easy delivery to loved ones, both here in the UK and internationally.
They’ve commissioned independent artists to produce unique designs that reflect our new daily norms.

Their first series of postcards was designed by Danielle Willison (@dani_robyn). Danielle’s day job is an art teacher, whose uses traditional watercolor methods and techniques. They also have a new series available soon from Annabel Warley (@bellasdailysketch). Annabel produces comical and often topical sketches that reflect our modern life.

Support small businesses and brighten someone’s day by sending them a message love!

Instagram: @snailmail_gb


Project Manager – £25K – £35K depending on experience

Dynamic and buzzy office based in Farringdon, looking for a friendly, forward thinking project manager to join their team. You must be experienced, hardworking and someone who enjoys thinking outside the box and doing a 360-degree project management position.

If you are looking for a new role, please update your CV now with a member of the Attic Team, we can then have you ready to go and fully updated for when roles come in. We need to know what industry you are wanting to go into, the type of role, salary expectations, notice period.

Email us –

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The Girl With the Louding Voice is a character for the ages.

Adunni is a girl who narrates her own suffering with levity, who paints depth and texture and beauty into her Nigerian homeland, who tenderly cultivates her own humanity even while everything around her seeks to thwart it.

Well this doesn’t  need too much of an introduction!

Enjoy 8 hours of Princess Diana’s entrance to the family. Although the press have ripped it apart for not being historically factual, we have all thoroughly enjoyed it and hope that you do also.

This is a great time for us to update all your details on our system.
Do get in touch if your situation has changed regarding what you are now looking for, alternatively let us know if you are no longer looking and would like your details removed from the database by emailing



Guess what these pictures are of….Answers will be in the next newsletter.