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It has been a very good week, we have certainly noticed a change in the air, a lot more movement and energy in London which is hugely positive. Florence and Kirsty are off on holiday on the Isle of Wight, although they aren’t together, hopefully they will meet for a cider and a bowl of chips. Sarah, Claire and Daisy had a spontaneous yet delicious dinner out (yes we said out!) together. We don’t want to speak too soon but it almost felt like we were back to normal. Things are certainly picking up, we are loving hearing from all our candidates and hearing their lock down stories. Please do keep in touch and continue to update us.

A good glass of wine and a serious catch up was exactly what we all needed. We spent the whole

As its becoming more and more clear in the UK that we are sadly facing a lot of redundancies and company restructures over the coming months. We wanted to give you some advice in how to stand out from the crowd and how to write the best cover letter possible and this always comes best from our Kirsty.

1) Know your audience
There’s nothing worse than sending the same generic cover letter to every job you apply for. The tone, style, and language, used in each should be tweaked depending on the company you are applying for. A good way to gage what is appropriate is to have a look at their website, and try to write in a style similar to theirs.

2) Sell yourself
A cover letter is a unique opportunity. Unlike your CV you can effectively create an argument as to why you are specifically suited to that role in particular. Connect personal, and previous work experiences to the role you are applying to. Employers love to see how your personal attributes make you suitable for a role, and they should come away from your cover letter feeling almost like they have already interviewed you.

3) Stand out
Although you should draw on previous work experience, don’t copy out your CV in your cover letter. Employers can already see your GCSE grades, they want to see something that isn’t on your CV. For instance, you could show an example of when you did something outside of your job specification in your last role, which made a difference in a positive way.

4) Don’t drag on
It’s a letter not an essay. Plan out what you are going to say, there is nothing worse to an employer than reading waffle. Make sure you cover the essentials especially highlighting what makes you superior to other candidates applying.

5) Most importantly – Focus on the company not yourself
Make sure you haven’t written a generic cover letter. Employers can see when someone has copied and pasted their cover letter template, and simply changed the name of the company they are writing to. They want to see you have done your homework, and can demonstrate knowledge of their company values, the type of work they do, and where they fit in their industry.

If you are looking for a new role, please update your CV now with a member of the Attic Team, we can then have you ready to go and fully updated for when roles come in. We need to know what industry you are wanting to go into, the type of role, salary expectations, notice period.

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Marketing Manager – £28K

A talented and creative Marketing Manager needed to join this boutique, forward thinking construction company. A young, professional and welcoming team, this is a busy and involved role and is a fantastic opportunity for a committed and hardworking individual.

Executive Assistant £50-60K

Fabulous opportunity for a super bright (top degree essential) EA to join this start-up in a newly created role. You will have previous experience of working in new ventures and will really understand what a broad role means.

This is a great time for us to update all your details on our system.
Do get in touch if your situation has changed regarding what you are now looking for, alternatively let us know if you are no longer looking and would like your details removed from the database by emailing