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Happy Saturday one and all. There are a quite a few reasons to be happy this week, as roles are starting to come in, it seems that our clients are slowly starting to return to normal life, the sunshine is due to return and Liberty has reopened!

We are still working remotely but starting to venture back to the West End and hopefully will be meeting again with you and our clients face to face. Although Zoom has been great, there is nothing to compare to actually seeing someone in the flesh.

We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our candidates and our clients as you know. If anything we hope now we will have a stronger relationship with you and more of an understanding of your needs to help you find the perfect role. Do please call in to have a chat if anything has changed on your side.

The All Saints’ Church on Margaret Street has been our view for over 17 years, it has the most fantastic suntrap for when we break for lunch. Anyone else missing Pret?

We have been receiving a huge amount of positive feedback from our newsletters and want to continuously thank you for your support during these bizarre times.

This has been a very strange moment for us all, people living alone, juggling home schooling with two or more kids at on different syllabuses or simply just trying to remain sane. We have all had our ups and downs but get a sense that over the past two weeks there has been a lot of positivity and people are starting to feel that life can return back to normal, with some major adapting involved, wearing a mask and gloves is an obvious one.

Having chosen a career in recruitment, many of us at Attic are people orientated and thrive within social environments, having gone from a very fun and buzzy office to a lonely and quiet environment; I for one can confirm it has been a huge change but, its amazing how we all pull together during tough times.

This must continue and it is imperative that we all stick together during these times. The Attic girls are having virtual cocktails and aim to have a face to face (at distance) drinks soon which will be very exciting.

This week would have been Attic’s summer party and we have all spent this week reminiscing over the good times we have had. We thought we would share some pictures with you.

If you are looking for a new role, please update your CV now with a member of the Attic Team, we can then have you ready to go and fully updated for when roles come in. We need to know what industry you are wanting to go into, the type of role, salary expectations, notice period.

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Half Lord of the Fishes Pose

1. From Bound Angle or Easy pose, extend the right leg straight out in front of you, cross the left leg over the right, placing the left foot flat on the floor close to the right knee.

2. Wrap the right arm around the left knee and pull the knee in towards your chest. Press down through the hips and up through the crown to lengthen the spine.

3. Inhale the left hand up and as you exhale reach the arm around your back placing the palm on the floor fingers facing back. Press the arm into the back to keep the back straight. Look over the left shoulder towards the back wall. For a deeper twist, place the right elbow to the inside of the left knee.

4. As you inhale press the hips down and reach the crown up to lengthen the spine. As you exhale use the arms to gently deepen the twist. Relax the shoulders down and press the chest open.

5. Breathe and hold for 4-7 breaths.

6. To release: inhale the left hand up and exhale untwisting the body, facing the front. Repeat other side.

Editorial PA – Mayfair – £32K

Wonderful opportunity for a PA to join a growing exciting media consultancy in their lovely new office in the West end. You will support the editorial team and will be highly involved in the day to day running of the office as well as being a right hand person to the charismatic Director.

French Speaking PA – Mayfair – £40-45K

We need a highly experienced, fluent French speaking PA to join a boutique family office in the heart of the West End. You will be adept at dealing with strong characters and nothing will phase you as you sort out the myriad of requests covering both business and personal.

This is a great time for us to update all your details on our system. 
Do get in touch if your situation has changed regarding what you are now looking for, alternatively let us know if you are no longer looking and would like your details removed from the database by emailing