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FERNWEH – German for ‘a restless and intense desire to travel far away; farsickness in contrast to homesickness’

We thought we could all do with an amazing picture of a beach as it is looking unlikely most of us will be getting away anytime soon. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and imagine the sun on your face and the water on your toes. Ahhhhhhhhhh…

Daisy’s 5 best bits of lockdown
Recharging (I know I am not alone with this one) – I am someone who loves moving 100% miles an hour, ensuring that every minute of my day is utilised. At the beginning of lockdown, I became hugely restless, fidgety and I think quite frankly really annoying but I soon realised that it was ok to chill and use this time to recharge the batteries. I have finally done those jobs which one avoids, sewing the buttons back on my duvet covers, reading that book which has been sitting on my bedside table for months etc… It feels good to have spent some good quality time caring for my house and my loved ones and catching up on that sleep which I was missing out on.

Indian Cooking – It’s so therapeutic. Living in a house full of boys, cooking is my time to zone out and calm down, they also always need feeding. After a stressful day, I’ve always found cooking brought be back to a good place. I know that everyone else has been making sourdough and endless banana bread during this time, but I have been fine-tuning my Asian cooking. I have just completed the Dishroom Recipe book and have loved the time to cook long and slow dishes. I’m moving onto Korean next.

Flowers– Having grown up in Sussex, I love the fresh air. I spend huge lengths of time walking through fields and trying to learn the names for all the wildflowers. I even signed up to Willow Crossley’s floristry course which has been great even though I am the most uncreative person known to earth.

Furniture – I hate interior design, I find it scary, very unsettling and it just simply does not come easy to me but now that I have had some time to think, I have been able to trawl through the websites and auction house catalogues, as a result, I am now loving doing it. It takes time to get your eye in for a good piece but it gives you such pleasure when you find something on Ebay or somewhere like that which you have been wanting for ages and you get it for £10!

Storks – Where we live is one of 4 colonies in the UK where we are trying to reintroduce Storks to the British wildlife. They are fascinating birds, almost prehistoric looking. There was one very exciting moment in the early Spring then we thought one of the Storks was laying her first egg, It would have been the first egg in nearly 600 years in the UK after the British ate all the Storks in the UK, sadly it was a false alarm and they only nest twice a year. Nevertheless, I have loved watching their ways and really studying their agile movements. Fingers crossed for an egg soon.

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– Kneel with body upright and hips stacked over the knees. Take padding (a blanket or fold your mat so it is double thickness) under your knees if they are sensitive.

– Draw your hands up the side of your body until your thumbs reach your armpits. Hook your thumbs into your pits for support as you start to open your chest toward the ceiling.

– Maintain the position of your chest as you reach your hands back one at a time to grasp your heels. If you need a little more height, tuck your toes under. Otherwise, the tops of the feet can be flat on the floor.

– Bring your hips forward so that they stay over your knees.

– If it feels good, let your head come back, opening your throat. If that doesn’t work for your neck, you can keep the chin tucked instead.

– Release by bringing your chin toward your chest and hands to your hips. Firm your abs and support your lower back with your hands as you slowly bring your body to an upright kneeling position.

Camel Pose stretches the front of the body including the chest, abdomen, and quadriceps. It improves spinal mobility as much of the day you are likely to be sitting or slouching and bending your spine forward. By doing a backbend you are flexing it in the opposite direction and it may help you develop better posture. It is said to open the heart chakra, which is your energy center for love, caring, and compassion.

Research / Associate £28 – £35K

A client of ours based in the heart of Chelsea are looking for a new Research / Associate.

We are looking for someone with a minimum of 6 months within executive search or a recruitment company.

This is a fantastic opportunity for someone who is looking for a friendly team atmosphere and where they can really develop their career.

You must be someone who loves to learn how a business works, specialise in their market sector and start market mapping to find the best top calibre candidates available.

Grant Administrator – £28 – £30K

Brilliant opportunity for a Grants Administrator/ Research Assistant to join this boutique, medical media company based in the west end.

You will work within the Editorial Team to optimise income for editorial projects and support expansion of knowledge in different disease areas.

The role offers varied, interesting and fast-paced work within a high-performing, stimulating and supportive environment.

A message from our lovely Office Manager – Florence

As someone who has always been based in an office starting to work from home during a pandemic can be very scary & strange, as well as presenting a whole load of new challenges whether that be home schooling or just dealing with the loneliness of working on your own. Here are some tips that helped me get into the swing of working from home:

Create your own routine – lines can get blurred between work & personal time, try to keep to a schedule and stay consistent

Make a dedicated workspace

Put on a real outfit – workwear or even wearing jeans can go a long way into making you feel ready for the day

Have breaks

Beware of idle snacking!

Set boundaries

Keep going with the exercise

Be kind to yourself – quite cheesy to say but it still stands! This is a very unusual situation we find ourselves in and things will not feel normal for a while so be kind as everyone is doing the best they can