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Hello everyone and welcome to our newsletter for mid-September. The world is a strange place at the moment isn’t it …boiling hot sun, hundreds of children being sent home when one tests positive, anxiety creeping up again. It looks like just as we started to return to a semblance of normal we are getting back in the COVID rollercoaster. We are indeed still in challenging times with most people experiencing worry of some nature at the moment whether that be about their job, schooling, health or money or even cancelling the fifth holiday they’ve booked. It’s all relative isn’t it and now is the time to practise kindness on all levels with all people in all situations. We never know what is going on in others’ lives and why they may snap, be irritable or just plain toxic. Take a deep breath, keep calm, try and empathise and be kind. Think kind thoughts. Breeaaaaaatheeeee. Which leads us on to our yoga medicine for today which will open your heart and chest.

Take a thick towel or bolster if you have it and roll it up. You are aiming for a thick sausage shape which you place lengthways down your mat and then lie back on it with the tips of your shoulders at the top and your head back and your bum on the roll. No part of your neck on the bolster. Stretch your legs and arms out and breathe for two minutes.

Some lovely words from Flo, our Office Manager.

Boosting team spirit!

We can all agree that sometimes working from home can be a bit less motivating than working in an office. So here are some tips on getting that morale boost and getting back on track:

  • Keep in touch with everyone – Whether it be via Zoom meetings, daily briefings, or email news roundups it is important to keep everyone in the loop. If there are any challenges or issues, make sure you communicate them so the whole team can help
  • Establish the best way to communicate – It can be quite isolating having a lack of facetime or conversation with your colleagues when working from home so make sure to use all the communication tools at your disposal. A call or a face time can always go a long way!
  • Praising a job well done – It can be hard to know what impact you are having when working remotely so remembering to say a ‘thank you’ or a ‘well done’ when deserved will always give a boost
  • Business as normal – Trying to keep everyone’s working life as consistent as possible by creating new habits and routines to create more stability will reassure employees
  • Remember to trust your team!

Book recommendation by Sarah this week. Why?

In these turbulent times when none of us really knows when things are going to feel normal again or when we will be lying on a white sandy beach with sun beating down on our faces, this book is a tonic. And it is even more exhilarating if you are a fan of Leonard Cohen. Set on the tiny island of Hydra in the 1960’s the fictional protagonist female Erica arrives having lost her beloved mother. Whilst grieving and growing into her 18 year old self she discovers the delights of this amazing Greek island and all it has to offer, good and bad. She meets Leonard and other artists of the time and becomes part of their tribe and so their story. The book perfectly evokes a hazy, balmy summer in Greece full of swimming, food, drink and gossip, allowing the reader to totally immerse in a different world, which is what we all need right?

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Marketing Manager – £28K

A talented and creative Marketing Manager needed to join this boutique, forward thinking construction company. A young, professional and welcoming team, this is a busy and involved role and is a fantastic opportunity for a committed and hardworking individual.

Executive Assistant £50-60K

Fabulous opportunity for a super bright (top degree essential) EA to join this start-up in a newly created role. You will have previous experience of working in new ventures and will really understand what a broad role means.

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