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It’s only 2 weeks away to a very different Christmas for most of us. Whatever you are doing this year, we at Attic wish you a very restful and happy break and we hope to be speaking to lots of you very early in 2021! This is our last newsletter of 2020 – we really hope you have enjoyed reading them and hopefully picked up a few top culinary or reading tips!

We also need to announce the winner of the Pictionary Competition is Rebecca Morgan!!! Congratulations and we have put some yummy brownies in the post for you. 

Obviously, we weren’t able to have a party this year, so here are some pics from previous years of us all together. 

Steps to standing out when making a career change:

It can often seem daunting when you are thinking of making a career change. It may be that you have taken some time this year to re-evaluate what’s important to you and the next steps you want to make in your career. Or it could be, that like many, 2020 has not been kind on your industry, and because of this, you are thinking of making a change in your career path. Whatever your situation here are a few important steps and suggestions for you to consider when applying for your next position:

Take your time – Try not to be too hasty and really think of the implications; a change in career could mean a drop in salary, extra training/education or even a relocation. It’s important to be realistic. Take your time to really evaluate your current situation, are you displeased with your work because of the current situation that could possibly change come 2021 or is this something you have considered for a while. Try to read around the role you are thinking about and speak with people already in a similar position. This will allow you to make an informed and deliberate decision on your next steps.

Evaluate your skillset – It can be very easy to simply add your experience to a CV and send it off to the recruiter. If you are looking to change career, however, you really need to consider your skills that are transferrable. Think of all your achievements in previous positions and how you can bring this to your next role. In order to stand out in your application, you really need to be able to demonstrate your skillset.

Network – If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that human connection is seriously important. Now more than ever it seems that people are willing to talk, help, offer support. Networking doesn’t come naturally to all but if you are looking for a change in a career now is the perfect time to sharpen up your LinkedIn profile and use your contacts.

Tailor, tailor, tailor – Probably the most important thing to consider when applying for a new position/career change is how relevant your application is to the job spec. If you have crafted a beautifully considered cover letter don’t let yourself down by sending a general CV. It is important to tailor each aspect of your application, you need to stand out and really highlight how your previous positions have given you the transferrable skill set needed for your next role.

We have loved hearing all your stories over the past year. Poppy got in touch with us and we just had to share her words. Please do send us an email sharing your experiences, we love hearing from you. 

I approached Attic recruitment in 2019, I was just about to graduate and wanted to be one step ahead of the ‘graduation applicant rush’. After a very welcoming interview, where they got to know me and found out what sort of role and salary I was looking for- they lined up a handful of interviews for me within a week, that matched my needs. I was lucky enough to get offered the job on the first interview that they set up for me on the same day as my interview.  Attic’s ability to match up the company with the right applicants is immaculate. I love the company I am with and am currently up for my second promotion, with future prospects of climbing up the company ladder into Account management. And that’s only after being with this company for two years. I am very happy with Attic and they are always the first Recruitment agency I suggest to friends who are looking for jobs within administrative / PA roles.


If you are looking for a new role, please update your CV now with a member of the Attic Team, we can then have you ready to go and fully updated for when roles come in. We need to know what industry you are wanting to go into, the type of role, salary expectations, notice period.

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The Consequences of Love is a story of loss and recovery, trauma and memory.

It is a joyous and compelling account of the strength of the love between sisters and how nothing is ever truly lost if we are brave enough to return to where we began

Klaus is a fabulously clever and moving cartoon comedy released last year to amazing reviews.

An alternative story of Father Christmas- heart warming and suitable for all the family.

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