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We hope that you, your family and friends are all still safe and well.

We are sure that, like us, you have been deluged with comments, advice, humour, information, fear mongering, warmth, love – and everything in between. We know it is hard to keep abreast of it all and sort the wheat from the chaff.

We do hope this light hearted email will add something to your day. In the meantime, the Attic crew are trying to keep positive and keep our immune systems strong by an assortment of daily meditation, yoga, keeping structure and engaging with people we may not have spoken to for a while. It all helps and remember… this too shall pass.

Bobby soaking up the bluebells on his daily walk

Attic have teamed up with Executive Secretary who are offering any administrative professionals who have been let go or are currently out of work, FREE access to all the training resources available through their website for the next 6 months! We hope that this will keep your skills up to date through this crisis until you are able to get back into work.

Although this is a tough time, and we know that a lot of people have either been made redundant or furloughed, use this time to enhance your skills so that you are ready to return to the workplace in the near future.

To sign up, please click the button below to be granted access

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Legs up the wall pose
Very easy inversion – try and move your bum as near to the wall as possible and then move your legs up the wall. Lie back and relax with arms outstretched. This pose is very restorative and helps with so so many ailments including insomnia, stress, stretching backs of legs, swollen ankles and many more. Breathe in and Enjoy. 

Podcast of the Week 

The renowned philosopher Alain de Botton, has returned to How To Fail With Elizabeth Day to talk about how to be human and how to stay (relatively) sane in the grip of a global pandemic. It is a fascinating podcast and something we all really enjoyed at Attic.

Movie of the Week

Sliding Doors has been spotted on BBC Iplayer, this Icon rom-com film starring Gwyneth Paltrow and John Hannah will lift any spirits and take your mind of the current events.

This is a great time for us to update all your details on our system. 
Do get in touch if your situation has changed regarding what you are now looking for, alternatively let us know if you are no longer looking and would like your details removed from the database by emailing

Have a very happy Easter and please continue to send us your pictures and recipes.