5 Tips on How to Deal with a Second Lockdown

During the first lockdown, we all got used to working from home where possible, and for many people it was great. Not having to leave the house in a rush in the morning, sit in queues of traffic or struggle to find a parking space were all benefits that many of us quite enjoyed. Then, as cases began to ease we were advised it was safe to return to working in the office as long as the appropriate measures were put in place. However, once again, we find ourselves having to work from home where possible as we enter a second lockdown – and the weather and dark nights seem to make this one feel harder than the last.

But there are some ways to get through this second lockdown, without too much detrimental effect on our mental health. Read on to find 5 tips for working through the second lockdown.

Get dressed

Even if your job does not involve zoom calls, or similar, getting dressed in the morning, rather than spending your day in your pyjamas, will help to create a more work-positive environment.

Set a routine

Having a routine is the norm when working in the office so make it a part of the day when working from home as well. Start work at the same time each day, take set breaks and lunch hours and don’t be tempted to work too late into the evening. Sign off for the day in the same way as you would working from an office.

Create an office space

Create a specific working space, keep the working part of the day in this space and when it is time to “come home”, leave it. If possible, use a space that you can leave things out in so that each new day doesn’t start with setting out your desk.

Separate work and home

Once work is finished for the day sign of and leave the office and work behind. If there are children at home then it might be necessary to do some work after they have gone to bed. However, this does not mean working extra hours. You can simply move a few to the end of the day.

Be kind to yourself

Working from home is not for everyone and can be tough. These are not normal circumstances we are living in so it is okay to have days that do not go as well as we would like them to. Take a break, grab a coffee, step outside for 5 minutes, talk to someone, and then get back to working. Little breaks can really help if you are feeling stressed.

If, despite these tips, you’re struggling, help is available. There are always people to talk to if you’re finding the second lockdown a struggle, and you shouldn’t have to suffer in silence.

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